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I'm Alex.
I'm bisexual.
I'm depressed.
I'm obsessed with correct English.
I'm anxious.
I'm rebellious.
I'm obsessive.
I'm extremely self-consious.
I'm delusional.
I'm dramatising.
acid, air, anaesthetic, art, bdsm, beauty, bisexuality, bisexuals, biting, black, blood, blue, bondage, books, bordom, boyfriends, boys, boys kissing, bruises, butterflies, cake, candy, cannibis, cats, chocolate, cigarettes, clouds, coffee, colour, concerts, costumes, crazy ideas, creaming soda, creative people, creativity, creatures, crying, cuddles, cutting, dairy, day dreams, daydreaming, death, death metal, delusion, deviantart, distortion, dragons, dreaming, dreams, dress-ups, dressing up, drugs, ear lobes, eating, fanfic, fanfiction, flowers, forearms, foreign food, forests, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, ghosts, girls, girls kissing, grass, guys, heavy metal, hugs, illusion, incense, individuality, insomnia, killing all humans, kingdom hearts, kisses, kissing, kittens, leaves, linux, livejournal, long hair, love, lust, magic, maschoism, men, metal, music, naked people, nature, necks, nothing, nudes, opeth, owls, pain, pants with extra pockets, philosophy, pinching, poetry, pretty boys, progressive death metal, rain, rainbows, ranting, reading, religion, s&m, sadism, salami, satan, scars, sci-fi, science fiction, self injury, self-harm, sex, shrooms, skin, slash, sleep talk, sleep-walking, sleeping, sleeping in, smoke, snow sculpting, spirits, strangers, talking to myself, teen romance, teen romance movies, the moon, the woods, theorology, tongues, trees, trivium, unicorns, unix, vampires, watching people clean, water, wine glasses, witchcraft, women, worshipping our feline overlords, wrists,