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blank mind

today was okay...ish. I had Special K for breakfast, breakfast (yummy…

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me red

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me red
today was okay...ish. I had Special K for breakfast, breakfast (yummy potassium) and surprisingly didn't have a fight with mum (which is highly strange).
School was okay. I had a low at around 20 minute. Brownies are delicious.

Why does the cold have to be so cold? Weather annoys me. I wish it was always pleasant temperature.

On friday i am seeing tyson (hot gay guy) again. This time Brad won't be there, HOORAY!!! :P Fun, Fun, Fun!

Tonight i ate steak and kidney pie with barbecue sauce and a potato.

Yesterday i forgot my keys and had to wait for three hours for my mum to get home. I ate my lunch and lay on the grass for a while. I jumped the fence and said hello to my dogs. Then i masturbated. I hate masturbating. My penis scares and disgusts me. I wish i was a girl.

I need music, give me music.

How do you like my new userpic? I took it two days ago. I have a red light in my room, it's awesome. I need credit for my phone, it's so frustrating having no way to contact people.

I'm so lonely. I miss my friends straight after they leave. I sit in my room listening to my ipod and crying. I can't talk to anyone in any of my classes. I change personality in class. I despise myself when i'm in class. I become a "clown" and says stupid things to make people laugh. I loath it. Afterward i feel like shit. I apologize to the teachers after class often.

I hate life.
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